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Arica is a port city known for its surfing beaches. Near the center, a road leads up to the Morro de Arica hill, which has panoramic views of the Historical and Arms Museum. The Cathedral of San Marcos, of gothic style, was designed by the French architect Gustave Eiffel in metal and wood and was built in 1876. The high plains of the Andes Mountains rise to the east, where Lauca National Park and Lake Chungará are located.
Day 01 – Arica – City tour

After a journey of about 3 and a half hours, you’ll arrive in Arica, one of the driest cities in the world, and the Azapa Valley, a long and wide oasis where we will take in the cultural, historical archaeological, and natural richness. We will visit the Museum of Azapa, famous for its exposition of Chinchorro Mummies – the oldest mommies in the world – along with its vast display of pre-Colombian artwork. In the city of Arica, we will marvel at the buildings designed by Gustave Eiffel, the French engineer, the beaches and the fishing docks, and we will finish it off with a stunning panoramic view from the “Morro”, or mountain, of Arica.

Day 02 – Arica, Lluta Valley, Pukara de Copaquilla, Socoroma, Putre with Box Lunch

We will have a 6-hour-long excursion to the Azapa and Lluta Valleys to explore their rich archaeological remains. Here, we will find where two of the most important South American civilizations developed: Tiwanaku and Incas. We will visit the Geoglyphs and Petroglyphs along with the pre-Colombian food storage spaces, the on-site museum, the wetlands of Lluta and the San Miguel de Azapa Museum, where we will find the exposition of the Chinchorro mummies. These are the oldest mommies in the world. Later on, we will visit the small town of San Miguel and its cemetery, one of the oldest in South America that is still in use!

Day 03 – Putre, Guallatiri, The Vicugnas National Reserve, Salt Flat of Suriri, Putre with Box Lunch

Today the altiplano and the mountains await us. The sun will accompany us from the early morning, when we will leave Putre. We will then make our way towards the Salt Flat of Suriri, land of the Vicugnas, alpacas, short grass and pumas. The few people that inhabit this area live in small towns and work as llama and alpaca breeders. To see this in action, we will visit Ancuta, Viluvio, and Guallatiri, with its recently restored church. These small towns are surrounded by and interminable prairie land that stretches out in all directions, only interrupted by the Andes Mountain where we will see the, still active, Volcano of Guallatiri puffing its typical smoke.  In the waters of the salt flat of Suriri, we will find hundreds of Andean flamingos raising their young, the flight of these birds creates a stunning detail to the already beautiful landscape. On the other extreme of the lagoon, we will find the Thermals of Polloquere, where we will be able to fully relax and enjoy this magical area. We will have a box lunch on route.

Day 04 – Putre, Lauca National Park, Chungara Lake, Boxed Lunch, Afternoon Return to Arica

We will leave Putre at 7am to walk through the silent and impressive expanses of the Lauca National Park, a Biosphere Reserve. We will make our way from Chungara to the small town of Parinacota, visiting the Cotacotani lagoons and wetlands and enjoying a picnic on route. In the afternoon, you will have the option of going to the Jurasi Thermals to have a relaxing bath before meeting your transfer to go back to Arica. We will arrive in Arica around 6pm. Box Lunch.

Day 05 – Arica.

Say good bye to the extreme North of Chile as you are taken back to the Arica Airport. On your ride home or next stop in South America, from all of us here at Turismo Milodon, we wish you happy memories from this wilderness adventure.


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